Ritika Atwal

Ritique Founder
& Fine Jewelry Designer


Ritika Atwal is an eminent jewelry designer known for her clean, organic design that both inspires and enlightens. From following her passion at the design school in London to acquiring more than a decade of experience in the design and retail industry, Ritika excels in creating versatile pieces that effortlessly transition with the wearer from day to night.

She balances tradition with innovation through every piece in the Ritique collection—a creative ability which has earned her a prominent place in the jewelry design industry. By blending Parisian couture with carefully selected precious stones and metals, she creates jewelry that is timelessly elegant.


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BODY & soul


Ritika turns her love for art and travel into jewelry designed to inspire women with pieces that complement both body and soul. Every piece designed is a celebration of the spiritual and physical, a tangible intersection of love, nature, family, fashion, femininity, and humanity.

Her creative process comes from “picking a stone and working backwards”—a creative technique reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David appearing to the sculptor from a marble slab. Gold and precious stones start out as individual materials, that then blend together for a uniquely refined, distinguished style for any woman.


Ritique Fine Jewelry echoes East and West, modern and traditional, in both design and craftsmanship. Every piece starts with hand-drawn sketches, then tested with wax molds—a process repeated until the highest standards are met. Every stone, metal, and gem is responsibly sourced, then manufactured by our team of master craftsmen. They use their skill as a connection to the past as well as a bridge to the future. That is the reason why every Ritique collection tells a story—some rich in symbolism, others a simple celebration of life.
connection to the past
as well as a bridge
to the future

& celebration of life


The angular whirls of the Ritique spiral symbolize the karmic maxim that what goes around comes around. As we navigate the pathways of life, each new experience brings an opportunity for wisdom and balance as we challenge ourselves to be kind, humble, and as true to others as we are to ourselves.
each new experience
brings an opportunity
for wisdom and balance
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