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Bespoke Jewelry


Converting dreams into reality is our motto

In a world of imitators, standing out is a welcome challenge. Discover how Ritika’s design and unique aesthetic can take your look to new heights with custom made jewelry. Your bespoke piece becomes an extension of you, the whole woman: your complexion and hair color, personality and how you carry yourself. Your individual traits filter through Ritika’s fashion sense, giving her a true sense of your essence—and what complements you the best.The beauty of a custom made piece of jewelry is that no two pieces are the same. Making it is as much an experience as it is a product.

Our Process

Step 1


The first consultation is all about you. We want to hear all about what ideas you have in mind, your inspiration for the design, and how we can help make a piece that perfectly embodies what you want. Show us some examples of existing designs that you like—look through magazines, scroll through social media, or maybe even consider making a vision board. The more visual examples you have, the better idea we’ll have for making your piece a reality. Stones, metals, and design options can all be adapted to suit your taste.

Step 2


Once we have an idea for what your finished piece should look like, our artists create a wax mold based on your design. Using high-quality photographs and rendering we are able to show you what the metal frame of the piece will look like. Together we review the piece to make sure it looks exactly how you want.

Step 3

Love it

Now that we’ve created a metal frame you absolutely love, it gets cleaned, polished, and set with your preferred gemstones. Then the piece is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our high standard of quality.

Step 4

Share Your Shine

We love being a part of bringing your vision to life and would love to see how you look with your bespoke piece. Be sure to share your custom #Ritique piece online and help inspire others with your unique look.

If you are interested in creating a one of a kind custom piece?

Let Ritique brighten your world, 
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