A passion for cultural fusion and clean, organic design is Ritika Atwal’s inspiration for Ritique Fine Jewelry. Her timeless and elegant pieces reveal an eye for design that surprises and delights. Her process—to the extent that it can be articulated—includes “picking a stone and working backwards”—a technique reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David appearing to the sculptor from the midst of a marble slab. Her process revolves around your unique style and individual beauty.

Ritika grew up in the fashion industry and attended design school in London. She became head designer for an internationally-acclaimed ladies’ apparel organization that provided collections to popular European brands. Her fashion career frequently took her to Paris for the latest trends, a practice she applies to her jewelry design. Each season, she looks to Paris as she selects a color palette of precious and semi-precious stones that will comprise the next Ritique Collection.

Ritika created Ritique as an affordable luxury—top-quality materials and craftsmanship at very attractive price points. All Ritique Fine Jewelry is designed to transition with you from day to night, a rare kind of versatility and style that extends easily from coffee shop to gala event. Ritique Fine Jewelry is at once truly elegant and utterly wearable, easily moving across your wardrobe and starting conversations wherever you go.

“I am blessed with a beautiful family, a supportive husband and two amazing, growing boys. Ritique is my creative outlet . . . food for my soul. Inspired by my love for design and fueled by encouragement from friends and family, I created Ritique Fine Jewelry for you. Ritique is here to brighten the world, one sparkle at a time!”

Ritika Atwal


Custom Fine Jewelry Hand-Wrought By Expert Craftsmen
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Craftman2@2Xfine Jewerly

Ritique Fine Jewelry straddles East and West, modern and traditional, in both design and workmanship. A collection is conceived, drawn out by hand, and brought forth by wax molds—a process repeated until perfection is reached. Each piece is then hand-wrought by expert craftsmen in the East from the highest quality materials. Precious metals and precious and semi-precious stones hail from India, where designers have gone for centuries to source and cut stones. Ritique’s craftsmen use both old and new techniques to create the contemporary, yet organic designs that have become the signature of each versatile collection.


In a world where everything is a “chain”, custom fine jewelry that entertains your taste is indeed a welcome indulgence. It is also where Ritika’s design aesthetic can take your look to a new level. Ritika starts with you, the whole woman: your complexion and hair color, personality and how you carry yourself. Your individual traits filter through Ritika’s fashion sense, giving her a true sense of you—and what would complement you the best.

“We live in a world of constant comparison. Wearing custom jewelry makes you feel like you’re running your own race in life.”

Samantha C.
Ritique Custom Fine Jewelry Symbol


The elegant whorls of the Ritique spiral symbolize the karmic maxim, “What goes around, comes around.” Life is never the same; it has a way of balancing us. The spiral is a reminder to be kind and humble. It’s best to be true to yourself and others as you move through the winding Circle of Life.