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We offer a simple process for designing and hand-crafting your custom piece:

Step 1:
First, we create an initial concept together.  Whether a totally new design or a recreation of an existing design, we’ll provide you with various options.  You’ll choose metals, stones and design adaptions to suit your taste.

Step 2:
Once we finalize your initial concept, we’ll present images built on wax molds.  This helps you visualize the design better.

Step 3:
After you approve the metal frame, it is cleaned, polished and set with the desired gemstones.  Each piece receives a thorough inspection, and is checked for quality and comfort.

Ritique takes immense pride in attention to detail and quality.  Your satisfaction is our priority.  We want each piece to bring you joy for generations.

Please fill in the details below to get the process started for your dream custom piece.

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